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Be inspired to create

Everything we see, hear and feel in nature captures our imagination. It inspires us to create, to change. Throughout history, nature has always been our greatest source of inspiration. It has shaped our cultures, our beliefs, who we are. Nature speaks to the soul in ways nothing else can. Open up to the elements and let nature be your teacher.

Creative open platform

Thanks to its ability to adapt and change, ANNA reflects the beautiful changes taking place outdoors. Connect with the surrounding nature and spark your imagination. Follow the rhythm, patterns and reflections of nature and unleash the potential of your ideas.

Enjoy dinner in the company of friends, colleagues or family. Do a masterclass, hold business sessions, submerge yourself in yoga classes or even make ANNA Meet your office. ANNA Meet is the ultimate setting as a landmark place to host people you want to coach, inspire or educate.

ANNA Meet in short

ANNA Meet is a creative open platform that connects people with nature. The versatile cabin has four different sliding shells which allow you to create various setups for different occasions. ANNA breathes, listens and feels.

  • Designed for creative sessions, meetings and gatherings
  • Suited to for a wide range of climates and weather conditions
  • On-grid with stylish amenities
  • Also available in a self-sufficient off-grid version 
  • Designed and built with minimised impact on nature

Final pricing to be announced. US patent approval is pending.

Flexible as clothing

ANNA Meet is specially developed for creative sessions, meetings and gatherings. The cabin has four different shells as outer walls, supported by rails. The inner walls consist of a framework of wood and glass and are separated from the roofed wooden outer walls. By shifting the shells, different setups are possible to align with your mood, the occasion or weather conditions. Just like the way you change your clothes.

Premium materials

Only high-quality natural materials are used in ANNA Meet’s construction. The exterior is made from high performing sustainable Accoya wood. The cabin is built up with different materials to ensure the best durability and strength. Other main parts consist of a birch plywood interior, a steel roof and HR+ double glazing. The four layers are carried by eight industrial wheels, each guided by supporting rails.

Customised facilities

ANNA Meet is an open platform where anything can happen. It allows for additional customised options to be included, such as exhibition panels, an outdoor (compost) toilet, an indoor modular table configuration, a fully furnished drinks corner and plenty of storage space.

Easy foundation

Due to its quick assembly, it is suitable for the most secluded areas. The cabin is surprisingly light, so in most cases it doesn’t need an additional base foundation. Some soil types may require a screw foundation, which can be installed in about 1.5 hours and just as easily removed after Cabin ANNA finds a new location.

Authentic structure

ANNA Meet derives its stability from a unique structure that has its origin in buildings such as railway stations, which rely only on the side walls for structural integrity. That’s where the beautifully crafted wooden trusses come from.

Flexible transportation

ANNA Meet is a reproducible cabin that can be flexibly assembled and disassembled anywhere in the world. The cabin is designed so that it can be delivered either in one piece or as a flatpack fitted in a container.

Quick assembly

The cabin is manufactured to minimise assembly time on-site. On-site work is done by an electric spider crane. The whole cabin can be remounted and relocated any time. As a flatpack, ANNA Meet can technically be built anywhere in the world.

Technical specifications

Availability and pricing

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Availability and pricing