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the ANNA Experience

Experience different

An experience unlike any other

From a deep passion for everything that happens in nature, cabin ANNA invites you to experience nature in a completely new way. You can now experience this magical feeling to sleep under the open sky and wake up with the morning songs of the birds next to you! When choosing your overnight location, there are three concepts to choose from; Remote, Resort and Collection. Each concept offers its own unique experience of nature.

Choose your experience


Experience nature in its purest form in extraordinary and unspoilt places.

  • Off the beaten track
  • Located in nature reserves
  • Completely off-grid
  • Self-sufficient
  • Individually located cabin
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Enjoy locations in the heart of nature, situated at a nature resort.

  • Unique lodging experience
  • Located in nature resorts
  • On-grid 
  • Catered cabins
  • Activities in nearby nature
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Experience a characteristic overnight stay in a private location amidst nature.

  • Privately managed
  • Individually located cabin
  • On-grid or off-grid
  • Handpicked locations
  • Each with a unique personal touch
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featured resort experience

ANNA at Holenberg in The Netherlands

Fascinated by nature

ANNA promises a dynamic experience which evolves in a perfect balance between you, nature, and the cabin. Half of cabin ANNA’s design is nature, whereas nature embraces your complete experience. Nature shows itself in many shapes and forms. She can be graceful or raw and wild, yet always fascinating. 


With each concept, the experience of nature is the fundamental element. Be part of all life around you, from comfortable surroundings, far away from civilisation, or with the warm hospitality of a unique resort or estate. Imagine an experience unlike any other. 

Each day a new horizon

Follow the rhythm of nature and experience the seasons up-close. Instead of shielding off nature, you become part of nature in a perfect balance. You can completely adjust cabin ANNA to the occasion, your mood, or the weather conditions. Simply change the cabin setup by playing with its wooden and glass layers. ANNA is both a womb of comfort and simply a platform open to the elements.

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