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the ANNA Experience

Experience nature in a new way

Wake up to nature

From a deep passion for everything that happens in nature, Cabin ANNA invites you to experience nature in a completely new way. Discover the magical feeling of sleeping under the open sky and wake up to the sound of birdsong from your comfortable cabin. 


Experience ANNA at Holenberg

Our dream of sharing ANNA with the world started in Holenberg. This beautiful location, at the gateway to De Maashorst nature reserve, is where we built our first prototypes. It is where we designed and tested our first ANNA's. Holenberg is our laboratory, it is home to ANNA.

Holenberg is the first destination for you to experience ANNA and learn more about our journey. In 2021, we opened Holenberg for everyone to experience the freedom to live with the elements and share this adventure with family and friends. 


Reserve your stay at Holenberg

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ANNA at Holenberg in The Netherlands

Each day a new horizon

Follow the rhythm of nature and experience the seasons up-close. Become part of nature in perfect balance instead of shying away from it. You can adjust Cabin ANNA depending on the occasion, your mood or the weather conditions. Simply change the cabin setup by playing with its wooden and glass layers. ANNA is a womb of comfort and a platform that opens to the elements.

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