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Live as one with nature

Cabin ANNA

Cabin ANNA promises a sublime experience where you will find the perfect balance between home, nature and people. It is a moving wooden structure where these three aspects merge. Cabin ANNA is a womb of comfort and a platform that opens to the elements. ANNA breathes, listens and feels for you and with you.

Designed to connect

Cabin ANNA came about from a desire to live with the elements of nature instead of shying away from them. It’s about creating the dynamic interaction between you, a ANNA and nature.

ANNA has different sliding shells, supported by guiding rails. The inner shell consists of a framework of wood and glass and is separated from the roofed wooden outer shell. By moving the shells, you can create different setups. Just like you change your clothes to the weather, depending on your mood or the occasion.

A new experience of nature

Thanks to its ability to adapt and change, Cabin ANNA gives the freedom to live among an abundance of life and cultivates a sense of belonging. You are a part of everything that surrounds you. Cabin ANNA offers you the freedom to make an authentic connection with nature and enjoy quality time alone or with others.

Award winning design

Cabin ANNA was created by Dutch designer Caspar Schols, who designed and built the first cabin for his mother. With a fascination for architecture and design but no architectural training,  he was looking for a concept to bring people closer to nature.

Cabin ANNA has won various awards, including the prestigious Architizer A+ Project of the Year Award 2021, one of the world’s largest award programs for architecture and building products. Cabin ANNA's mission is to structurally connect every human being with nature once again.