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A new experience of nature

And when the sun sets, we build a fire

For those who want to experience nature closer to home, Resort offers a perfect experience. Resort offers complete on-grid ANNAs at locations amidst nature, with the service and hospitality of a nature resort. For Resort too, nature is leading, so you will experience plenty of privacy and peace. During your stay, there are several possibilities to undertake activities in the surrounding nature, and restaurants are within walking distance.


Holenberg is the first destination in the world where you can experience ANNA. It is the gateway to the nature reserve of De Maashorst in The Netherlands, home to the European Bison. ANNA thrives in its natural habitat for the first time for you to experience, on your own or together with family or friends. The freedom to live with the elements in a comfortable environment.
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The Resort experience


located in nature resorts


catered cabins


compact luxury

Designed to connect

ANNA is a dynamic home suitable for every season. Change its setup in just a few seconds like you also adjust your clothes to the elements. Instead of shielding off nature, you become part of nature. Live inside the luxury of simplicity from a comfortable setting. Surrounded by an abundance of life and embraced by the serenity of nature. ANNA allows you to follow your senses and experience the familiar in a completely new way.
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Experience nature in its purest form in extraordinary unspoilt places.

  • Off the beaten track
  • Located in nature reserves
  • Completely off-grid
  • Self-sufficient
  • Individually located cabin
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Enjoy locations in the heart of nature, situated at a nature resort.

  • Unique lodging experience
  • Located in nature resorts
  • On-grid 
  • Catered cabins
  • Activities in nearby nature
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Experience a characteristic overnight stay in a private location amidst nature.

  • Privately managed
  • Individually located cabin
  • On-grid or off-grid
  • Handpicked locations
  • Each with a unique personal touch
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