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ANNA Elements

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Apply to pre-order
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Do our dreams match ?

You can place a nonbinding application to purchase your ANNA Elements using the form below. We invite you to share information about the location in nature and intended use of your ANNA.

We will personally contact everyone who applies to pre-order to see if our dreams match. If they do, we'll invite you to complete your pre-order. This is the first step in reserving your ANNA Elements.  

We aim to deliver the first 20 ANNA Elements in 2025. By applying to pre-order, you have the chance to become one of the first proud owners.

Options and pricing

ANNA structure

€ 259,000

  • The basis for your ANNA Elements is the structure ready for furnishing
  • Choose to add your own interior and supporting MEP system or let us include the following options


ANNA MEP system 

€ 23,000

  • A complete electrical installation with floor spotlights, ceiling lighting, sockets and switches
  • A fully prepped water installation for you to finish off with the taps of your choise
  • Ducting for mechanical ventilation


ANNA bathroom 

€ 13,000

  • A fully equipped bathroom with separate flush toilet, indoor and outdoor shower
  • Bespoke taps 
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Electrical water heater 


ANNA Kitchen

€ 15,000

  • A fully equipped kitchen with large cabinet for additional storage
  • Bespoke taps 
  • Electric or gas hob 
  • Fridge 


Wood-burning stove

€ 6,000

  • A wood-burning stove 
  • Base and back plate 
  • Flue 



Exterior cladding

€ 14,000

  • Black stained exterior cladding




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