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Frequently asked questions

We understand that you might have questions on different topics. Please find below the answers to the most raised questions. Should you have another question, please feel free to contact us at any time. 


Where can I experience ANNA?

The first location to experience ANNA opened in April 2021. You can book your stay at Holenberg.com. Holenberg is situated at the Dutch Wildlife Reserve De Maashorst, centrally located in The Netherlands. Soon you will be able to book ANNA at different locations around the globe.

When will new locations open for me to experience?

We will open different Remote Experiences in the nearby future, all beautifully located in different nature reserves in The Netherlands. Together with our valued partner Rewilding Europe we aim to open new locations in different European countries soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on these exciting developments.

Will it be possible to experience ANNA outside Europe?

Our current focus for developments and sales are Europe and North America. Therefore, we hope to open new locations in North America as soon as possible. 

Availability and pricing

How many different models are available?

We have two cabin ANNA concepts, namely ANNA Stay and ANNA Meet. More models will be introduced in 2022.

When and where will cabin ANNA be available?

Soon ANNA will be available in Europe and North America. However, we are working hard to get ANNA available on other continents as well. We expect to deliver the first cabins to North America around Q1 or Q2 2022. Please subscribe to the newsletter to be kept updated on delivery and pricing.

How can I order cabin ANNA?

In Q4 2021 we will accept the first reservations for ANNA Stay. After the reservation period ends, only those who have shown their interest in purchasing cabin ANNA for private, leisure or professional use, will be invited to pre-order an ANNA Stay. Please subscribe to the newsletter to be kept updated and get invited to make a reservation.

Can (small) changes be applied to the design and set-up?

ANNA Stay and ANNA Meet are high-end designs, crafted with great love, care and passion. You like ANNA custom build as she comes. Changing the ANNA lay-out or design is not an option included. Just like we love you as you are. However, we are open to offer tailored designs. If your wish is for a single one-off unit, we can offer you an ANNA, personally designed by Caspar Schols. However, do keep in mind that the cost for that single unit will be relatively high. If the budget is not an issue to you, we can do anything you wish. And we’ll do it with great passion.

Can anyone own a cabin ANNA?

Yes. However, as cabin ANNA blends in perfectly with her natural environment you must combine cabin ANNA with its chosen location in a suitable harmony. As we say, most of the cabin ANNA experience is provided by nature. The environment and ANNA are simply one. For that matter, we of ANNA to people that share the same passion for the combined strength of ANNA and its natural environment. If our dreams match, we are delighted to work with you and establish ANNA in nature together.

Can I lease ANNA?

We are open for different kinds of cooperation. You can buy or lease ANNA, or we can work together and share lease, rent or sales revenues. To discuss possibilities, please contact our sales team. 

Construction and delivery

Does cabin ANNA need a foundation?

Due to its weight the cabin does not need a concrete base foundation. Depending on the type of soil upon which cabin ANNA is erected, it may not need a foundation at all. However, in most cases we use a so-called ‘screw foundation’, consisting of 16 steel piles of 1 to 2 meters (3 to 6 feet) long that are screwed into the soil. The accompanying installations take about 2 hours. The good part is that this kind of foundation can be removed in less than 2 hours’ time, leaving no remnants behind in nature. We have partners to do this for you, but you can also arrange this yourself. If desired, we will provide you with a screw foundation plan.

Can cabin ANNA be built DIY?

Cabin ANNA comes with easy installation, however precision in doing so is key. To deliver to you what we promise we send over our team to build the cabin for you. Depending on the location the building process will take on average 4 to 5 days.

Does cabin ANNA come off-grid?

We can deliver cabin ANNA off-grid to you with a full off-grid package tailored to your specific needs and availability of resources. Because every location is different, as well as the needs of every guest or owner, this requires a customized effort. Cost involved will, depending on location and needs, range from 5.000 to 30.000 euro.

Does ANNA come turn-key?

We can deliver cabin ANNA turnkey (including kitchen, toilet, and shower) or without amenities to you. More information on price settings will follow soon.

What’s the lead time from order to delivery?

It takes us about 3 to 4 months to manufacture a cabin ANNA. The build-up on-site takes about 1-2 weeks depending on the location and other requirements.


How airtight is a cabin ANNA?

Both the glass and wood sections of the cabin are fully airtight. Smart build-in brushes make both the wood and the glass sections perfectly fitting, to protect you from rain, dust, and wind. However, you shouldn’t compare cabin ANNA with a regular house. Housing insulation values don’t apply in the same way as they do with cabin ANNA. Rest assured, you won’t feel cold, and you will love the cabin atmosphere and climate experience with its glass and wooden section layers.

Can cabin ANNA resist extreme weather conditions?

Cabin ANNA is built for moderate climates. Between -5 and 35 degrees Celsius you will feel perfectly comfortable. The cabin is thoroughly tested to withstand strong coastal winds and heavy snow loads. A local engineer should always check if a cabin matches local (weather) conditions.

Can cabin ANNA be built anywhere in the world?

Theoretically we can build a cabin anywhere around the globe. The more remote the better. We love the challenge which comes along with the establishment of cabin ANNA in remote places. Do keep in mind that more challenging areas will potentially translate in longer building times and therefore above average installation cost.

Can cabin ANNA be used for permanent habitation?

Yes, cabin ANNA is perfectly suitable for permanent habitation. However, from region-to-region regulations differ, and some regions may not allow for permanent cabin living. In The Netherlands for example ANNA is a ‘tijdelijke logies’ building. Meaning it can be used as a second or recreational home. We recommend for you to check with local authorities accordingly.

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