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ANNA Elements

available to pre-order now

Experience the elements

Witness the elements through ANNA. Open up the shells and feel the wind blow while tucked under the warm comforter. Enjoy an exhilarating thunderstorm under the glass shell. Let the golden rays of the sun warm you up. Connect with the elements and allow them to slow you down and become one with your surroundings.

Discover ANNA Elements

ANNA Elements is based on ANNA Collection. The dimensions of the cabin and platform are the same and ANNA Elements uses the same patented sliding mechanism.  

Explore ANNA Collection here.

Customize your ANNA

  • The basis for your ANNA Elements is the structure ready for furnishing
  • Choose to add your own interior and supporting MEP system or let us include the following options
MEP system 
  • A complete electrical installation with floor spotlights, ceiling lighting, sockets and switches
  • A fully prepped water installation for you to finish off with the taps of your choice
  • Ducting for mechanical ventilation
  • A fully equipped bathroom with separate flush toilet, indoor and outdoor shower
  • Bespoke taps 
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Electrical water heater 
  • A fully equipped kitchen with large cabinet for additional storage
  • Bespoke taps 
  • Electric or gas hob
  • Fridge 


Wood-burning stove
  • A wood-burning stove 
  • Base and back plate 
  • Flue 
Exterior cladding 
  • Black stained exterior cladding

Design philosophy

Become part of the entire life cycle of ANNA: creating, building and living. Enjoy the freedom that ANNA Elements gives you. You start with the ANNA Elements structure ready for furnishing. Add predesigned options or choose to build your own elements into the cabin.

ANNA Elements gives you the flexibility to adapt to your needs, now and in the future. Customize ANNA into your home, studio, office, atelier or theatre space. 



Authentic structure

ANNA Elements derives its stability from a unique structure based on the design of buildings such as railway stations. These buildings rely only on the side walls for structural integrity. That’s where the beautifully crafted wooden trusses come from.

Maximum flexibility

With the preselected options, ANNA offers the opportunity to add all the amenities you need. Options include a bathroom with indoor and outdoor shower and a separate flush toilet or a fully equipped kitchen with a large cabinet for storage space. Or you can decide to finish ANNA yourself and design and build your very own living space, studio or atelier.

Premium materials

Only high-quality natural materials are used for construction. The two shells are carried by industrial wheels guided by supporting patented rails. The floor, trusses and exterior cladding are made of untreated sustainable wood. The main materials include the plywood interior, custom made aluminium and rubber profiles, a steel roof and HR+ double glazing.

Flexible transportation

The modular-designed ANNA Elements can be easily assembled and disassembled anywhere in the world. Currently, ANNA Elements is produced and shipped from Europe. ANNA Elements is designed in such a way that, in the future, 80% of the unique parts can be produced locally.

Easy foundation

Due to its quick assembly, ANNA Elements is suitable for the most secluded areas. The cabin is surprisingly light, so in most circumstances, it only requires a screw foundation. A screw foundation can be installed in less than a day and is just as easily removed if you want to move your ANNA to a new location.

Fast assembly

The modular system of ANNA Elements results in a short construction time on site, creating minimal ecological disruption. Due to the use of dry connections, ANNA Elements can be disassembled and relocated leaving no tangible imprint on nature.